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editor's choice best hair loss treatment Developed by L'Oreal and Vichy Labs in France, DerCap is a topical hair loss treatment which utilizes Aminexil as its key ingredient. Aminexil is a patented molecule that was designed to have effect hair loss by replenishing the roots of hair follicles so healthy hair can grow and remain. The makers of DerCap have created versions of this product for both men and women. The only difference between the two formulas is that DerCap for women includes vitamins B5 and B6. Currently, DerCap is only available in Europe.

DerCap/Aminexil Benefits

According to its manufacturer, the Aminexil in DerCap works to effectively to correct the results of compresses blood vessels in hair roots which can cause the life span of follicles to decrease. The end result is believed to be diminished hair loss, stronger hair and a greater number of hairs in the growth phase. The makers of DerCap claim this hair loss treatment works effectively in as little as six weeks with an average hair count increase of 8-percent

DerCap/Aminexil Side Effects

While the makers of DerCap claim there are no side effects associated with this hair loss product, some users have complained that DerCap didn't work for them at all while others have praised it royally. Just as with any drugs, there are some side effects associated with DerCap but clinical trials performed to date haven't discovered any. 

Does DerCap/Aminexil Work?

Some consumers have reported experiencing some success with DerCap but for most it can take six weeks or more to begin seeing results. These days, there are more innovative and fast-acting hair loss products available which incorporate nanotechnology for quicker thicker hair growth. These hair loss treatments are eclipsing DerCap and other formulas in their overall effectiveness and lower price points. As a result, an increasing number of consumers in search of hair loss treatments are opting for those which utilize the superior delivery of active ingredients provided by nanotechnology.


If you need to kick your hair loss treatment up a notch, consider Provillus, a two step process for hair loss treatment. Provillus's topical product contains prescription strength quantities of the DHT blocker Minoxidil. Step two is Provillus's dietary supplement specifically formulated with saw palmetto to block production of DHT, as well as other herbs that nourish the scalp and hair follicles. Learn more about Provillus.

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