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Fabao 101

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Created through years of extensive research and development on the part of Dr. Zhangguang Zhao and his team of fellow scientists, Fabao 101 has been promoted as a safe, effective and natural hair loss treatment since the late 1970s. From that time until now, Fabao 101 has received a host of international awards and a significant amount of media attention.

Fabao 101 Benefits

According to the makers of Fabao 101, their formulas are “clinically proven to promote hair growth faster.”

Furthermore the manufacturers of Fabao 101 claim their formulas promote hair growth by accomplishing the following:

  • Correcting undesirable results of DH testosterone
  • Eliminating blood stasis
  • Regulating secretions of sebum in the scalp
  • Dilating blood capillaries

According to Fabao 101, the combination of these effects revitalizes hair follicles that would be dormant otherwise and prevents hair loss while encouraging the growth of strong, healthy hair.

Fabao 101 Side Effects

There are a number of glowing reviews online claiming that Fabao 101 has no documented side effects. However, for some users, the ginseng and other strong stimulants in Fabao 101 have caused some undesirable side effects similar to those of excess caffeine. These include reports of pinched nerves and other discomforts.

Does Fabao 101 Work?

There's no doubting the fact that Fabao 101 has won seven international awards and been reported in some major publications. However, Fabao 101 hasn't won any awards since the early 1990s. This is likely because more advanced formulas have been created since then that work more effectively than Fabao 101, especially those that use nanotechnology to penetrate deep into the top layer of the skin and repeatedly release active ingredients throughout a 12 to 15 hour time frame.


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