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GraftCyte, promoted by the ProCyte Corporation, is a hair loss treatment that's widely used as a part of a post-operative regimen for hair transplant patients. As a copper peptide, GraftCyte is based on the concept of skin regeneration for healing transplanted follicles. According to the makers of GraftCyte, this leads to decreased post-operative shedding and more accelerated hair growth. Some patients are reported to experience new hair growth as soon as 6 weeks after their operation as opposed to the typical 10 to 14 week period.

GraftCyte Benefits

Patients who use GraftCyte tend to experience benefits such as diminished crusting, restored comfort, decreased post-operative inflammation and stimulated angiogenesis. Plus, throughout the healing process, a number of patients see a progressive decline in erythema and edema.

What Comes With GraftCyte?

The makers of GraftCyte offer the following products as a part of this hair loss treatment:

  • GraftCyte Concentrated Spray: Delivers a strong dose of copper peptide micro-nutrition to help post-surgical wounds heal
  • GraftCyte Men's Kit: Includes 7 moist dressings,  4 oz bottle of Shampoo, 6 oz bottle of Concentrated Spray, 4 oz of Conditioner, and 0.5 oz of Iamin Hydrating Gel
  • GraftCyte Moist Dressing: Designed to be used occasionally as a post-surgical compress
  • GraftCyte Post-Surgical Conditioner: Developed to promote a healthy scalp environment. The Conditioner contains copper peptide micro-nutrient complex.
  • GraftCyte Post-Surgical Shampoo:  Gentle cleansing formula which includes aloe vera and is designed to prevent the onset of scabbing and crusts.

Does GraftCyte Work?

While GraftCyte seems to have a fairly good track record when it comes to treating patients after a hair transplant, it doesn't seem to make a good overall hair loss treatment. As scientific advancements are made, today's leading products incorporate such things as nanotechnology to ensure optimal delivery of effective ingredients. This essentially supercharges the results of nearly every product that requires topical application. Sadly, GraftCyte has yet to incorporate nanosomes into its formula or prove its effectiveness as an overall hair loss treatment.


If you need to kick your hair loss treatment up a notch, consider Provillus, a two step process for hair loss treatment. Provillus's topical product contains prescription strength quantities of the DHT blocker Minoxidil. Step two is Provillus's dietary supplement specifically formulated with saw palmetto to block production of DHT, as well as other herbs that nourish the scalp and hair follicles. Learn more about Provillus.

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