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Hair Genesis

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Proclaimed by its makers to be “the only non-drug, botanically derived hair loss treatment product on the market”, Hair Genesis is promoted as a solution that works for both men and women. Much of the claimed success of Hair Genesis is attributed to the fact that it is a botanical hair loss treatment system which incorporates a range of DHT blockers into its suite of products.

DHT is the hormone that serves as the catalyst behind male and female pattern baldness. The makers of Hair Genesis claim the success of their products lies within their ability to block this hormone and, thus, prevent the onset of hair loss.

Hair Genesis Benefits

The entire Hair Genesis system is comprised of the following four products:

  • Hair Genesis Oral Soft Gels
  • Hair Genesis Topical Activator Serum
  • Hair Genesis Revitalizing, Cleansing and Thickening Shampoo
  • Hair Genesis Revitalizing Conditioner

The manufacturers of Hair Genesis claim their products thoroughly cleanse away sebum oils and other substances from the hair follicles and scalp. Furthermore, Hair Genesis products are believed to be most effective because of their ability to block the further formation of DHT both internally and externally.

Hair Genesis Side Effects

According to the makers of Hair Genesis, their products have no side effects because they only contain safe and effective botanicals. However, the benefits of Hair Genesis can only be maintained as long as the treatment is being used. What this means is that if you cease using Hair Genesis product in any form, then your hair may revert to thinning and even falling out.

The makers of Hair Genesis believe this is so because some mechanism has to be in place to continue blocking the DHT (i.e, Hair Genesis products) which is believed to be the root cause pattern hair loss in men and women. This conclusion, however, doesn't account for other hair loss treatment methods that don't require the blocking of DHT to be successful.

Does Hair Genesis Work?

While Hair Genesis seems to have a strong reputation, the effectiveness of any product you have to use for the rest of your life to maintain results is doubtful at best. Plus, as more advanced products which incorporate the use of nanosomes and other technologies to ensure more effective delivery of the active ingredients hit the market, products like Hair Genesis that don't use these technologies.


If you need to kick your hair loss treatment up a notch, consider Provillus, a two step process for hair loss treatment. Provillus's topical product contains prescription strength quantities of the DHT blocker Minoxidil. Step two is Provillus's dietary supplement specifically formulated with saw palmetto to block production of DHT, as well as other herbs that nourish the scalp and hair follicles. Learn more about Provillus.


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