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Iamin Gel

editor's choice best hair loss treatment Developed by Procyte, Iamin Gel is marketed primarily as a gel for healing wounds. Iamin Gel creates the necessary environment of moisture needed to affect the body's natural healing process preceding a hair transplant. Iamin Gel also nourishes the scalp and encourages hair with a significant amount of copper.

Iamin Gel Benefits

According to its makers, the benefits of Iamin Gel lie within its ability to treat a variety of wounds utilizing a patented tripeptide-copper ingredient. While the main goal of Iamin Gel is to prevent cross infection, some studies have found this product to be effective for hair regrowth, too. Consumers who use Iamin Gel as a hair loss treatment generally experience mild to moderate hair growth. Plus, clinical results have also revealed that Iamin Gel users generally regrow stronger hair with regular use.

Iamin Gel Side Effects

No side effects have been reported with regard to Iamin Gel. As with any drug, side effects are possible, so due diligence is recommended when searching for effective hair loss treatments. According to the FDA, Iamin Gel has been approved as an over-the-counter product. Because of this designation, Iamin Gel thought, by most, to be safe for regular use.

Does Iamin Gel Work?

When it comes to helping the body recover form post-operative wounds, ulcers, pressure sores, ulcers minor burns and the like, Iamin Gel emerges as one of the best. However, as hair loss treatment, Iamin Gel leaves much to be desired. Since hair growth isn't the primary function of this product. People in need of significant help with hair loss are advices to avoid this product.  These days, more effective hair loss treatments which utilize nanotechnology are eclipsing less practical hair loss products like Iamin Gel. Nanotechnology implements the use of nanosomes (particles about 200 times smaller than cells) to ensure maximum delivery of active ingredients. The end result is faster, fuller hair growth with little to no adverse side effects.


If you need to kick your hair loss treatment up a notch, consider Provillus, a two step process for hair loss treatment. Provillus's topical product contains prescription strength quantities of the DHT blocker Minoxidil. Step two is Provillus's dietary supplement specifically formulated with saw palmetto to block production of DHT, as well as other herbs that nourish the scalp and hair follicles. Learn more about Provillus.

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