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NANO Shampoo

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NANO Shampoo is a topical formula designed to cleanse the scalp while serving as a treatment for hair loss in both men and women. Created by a gentleman named Dr. Proctor, NANO Shampoo has been considered to be a natural alternative to Minoxidil. As a matter fact, many consumers who achieve little to no results with Minoxidil often opt to give NANO Shampoo a try.

NANO Shampoo Benefits

NANO Shampoo contains SOD (3-carboxylic acids pyridine n-oxide) and NANO (nicotinic acid N-Oxide) as its active ingredients. SOD, similar to Minoxidil, is known to be a potent hair growth stimulator. With this ingredient, the makers of NANO Shampoo claim this hair loss product has its greatest affect.

NANO Shampoo Side Effects

Mild irritation is the most common side effect associated with NANO Shampoo. A number of consumers report experiencing this side effect during the initial stages of use. Some users have even testified to a slight bit of shedding while using NANO Shampoo.

Does NANO Shampoo Work?

Even though some users reported experiencing a degree of success with NANO Shampoo, others have complained that this hair loss treatment produced little to no results after weeks of use. Actually, it takes about three to six months for NANO Shampoo to yield any noticeable results in the average user.

At present, there are more cutting-edge and fast-acting hair loss products which incorporate the use of nanosomes - a technology which uses microspheres that are nearly 200 times smaller than cells. Nanotechnology promotes faster, more effective delivery of active ingredients and continues to deliver these ingredients over a 12 to 15 hour period. 

Such hair loss treatments are overshadowing products like NANO Shampoo in their overall effectiveness and lower price points. As a result, a growing number of consumers searching for hair loss treatments are opting for those which utilize the superior delivery of active ingredients which nanotechnology provides.

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