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Nioxin Hair Loss Treatment

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Nioxin hair loss treatment solutions are some of the most commonly used products for treating male hair loss. Their hair care products are designed to improve the health of the scalp and to rejuvenate hair growth in balding areas. Their products are certainly popular enough, but how did they perform in our tests? Read on to find out what our experts had to say about Nioxin hair loss treatment products.

Nioxin Hair Products

There are eight different scalp treatment systems offered by Nioxin. Each system is designed for a different purpose. The main components, however, are the same in all of these systems- scalp cleanser, scalp therapy, and hair cleanser. The products are to be part of a strict daily regimen over a long period of time. According to experts, consistent use of Nioxin hair products is the only way to achieve successful treatment.

Nioxin Shampoo

We tested the Nioxin shampoo on our group of subjects over the period over several months. Each of these subjects was given the system that closest matched their hair loss needs. Each subject was also given directions on their daily application schedule. Test subjects documented daily use to ensure they adhered to the directions recommended by Nioxin shampoo.

Does Nioxin Work?

Coming up with a definitive answer regarding a product's effectiveness during a test is a challenging task. What works well for one individual doesn't always work for another. However, in the case of nioxin hair loss treatment, the majority of our subjects found the treatment did not work for them.

All of our subjects followed the daily routine of applying the system given to them. While a small number of patients believe they experienced some new hair growth, the overwhelming majority said the product had no effect on them. Their hair loss was neither stopped nor slowed by using Nioxin hair loss treatment.

We believe there are more effective hair care treatments available. Natural pills and topical creams seem to boast the highest success rates of all hair loss treatment products on the market.


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