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Arginine is an amino acid and one of the vital building blocks of protein. Arginine also serves as a foundation for the creation of nitric oxide in the body, which can be used for hair loss treatment, erectile dysfunction, wound healing and other maladies humans face. Nitric Oxide generates blood vessel dilation, which allows for the increased flow of blood to certain parts of the body.

Arginine Benefits for Hair Loss

Because of the link between arginine and the production of nitric oxide, many researchers believe that arginine generates hair growth. Nitric oxide acts as a messenger in the body to open up potassium channels, which in turn stimulates hair growth. Arginine may also stimulate growth hormones. These hormones may prevent further hair loss.     

Arginine Side Effects

Right now there does not seem to be any apparent side effects from taking arginine, although some doctors believe that large doses may burden the pancreas. Those with kidney or liver disorders should speak with their doctors before using arginine and those who are more apt to get cold sores should also check with their doctor. 

Does Arginine Work for Hair Loss?

Although arginine is not FDA approved for hair loss treatment, it may help prevent hair loss or aid in the production of more hair. The reason why many experts believe this is because arginine acts as a precursor to nitric oxide, and nitric oxide has been proven to signal the body to release potassium in the body. All of that combined has been shown to stimulate hair follicles to grow, thus producing more hair. Remember, arginine is not a miracle worker and those who are looking for hair loss treatments should do their research.

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