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Azelex (Skinoren)/Azeleic Acid

editor's choice best hair loss treatment Azelex and Skinoren are trade names given to a generic prescription drug known as Azeleic Acid. Marketed primarily as a topical medication for acne vulgaris, Azeleic Acid is developed from a naturally occurring material found in wheat. While a number of consumers use Azeleic Acid to combat mild to moderate forms of acne, this prescription drug has also been found to possess anti-androgen properties. As a result, some consumers have turn to Azeleic Acid as an alternative medical hair loss treatment.

Azelex (Skinoren)/Azeleic Acid Benefits

When it comes to hair loss, the primary benefits of Azeleic Acid lie within its anti-androgen abilities. When applied topically, Azeleic Acid is believed to inhibit dihydrotestosterone DHT at the point of application. The ointment also inhibits a number of enzymes including 5-alpha reductase which causes hair follicles to weaken and hair to fall out as a result of converting testosterone to DHT. Azeleic Acid is also believed to retard the growth of bacteria in hair follicles.

Azelex (Skinoren)/Azeleic Acid Side Effects

Common side effects associated with Azeleic Acid include itching, dryness, burning, warm sensations, redness, peeling, stinging, irritation and tingling. In some rare cases, individuals with dark skin have noticed a change in pigmentation due to Azeleic Acid use. If this occurs, a physician should be contacted immediately. More rare but serious side effects may occur in some users including shortness of breath, closing of the throat and hives as well as swelling of the lips, face and tongue. Medical attention should also be sought in these instances.

Does Azelex (Skinoren)/Azeleic Acid Really Work?

Some physicians are a bit skeptical about Azeleic Acid's effectiveness as an alternative medical hair loss treatment because it seems to fail to address systemic DHT. While some users may notice a small degree of hair growth with Azeleic Acid, more innovative treatments that employ nanotechnology are available today. Such hair loss products use nanosomes (particles about 200 times smaller than cells) to deliver active ingredients more efficiently for quicker, thicker hair growth.


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