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Buserelin/HOE 766

editor's choice best hair loss treatment Buserelin is the trade name given to a prescription medication that functions in a manner similar to a hormone which the hypothalamus gland normally produces. With regular dosages, Buserelin is primarily designed to treat prostate cancer by diminishing the amount of testosterone in the body. However, Buserelin also functions as a GNrH agonist, which makes it a viable alternative medical hair loss treatment.

Buserelin/HOE 766 Benefits

The alleged benefits of Buserelin chiefly lie within its ability to fight hirsutism in women. As a gonadatropin releasing hormone agonist (GNrH agonist for short), Buserelin's most profound hair growth benefits are seen in its function as an androgen suppressor. Buserelin is thought to be especially effective for quelling androgen activity in those who experience an acceleration of this hormone's activity.

Because androgen is one of the main hormones that enable the formation of DHT and subsequent hair loss, Buserelin's androgen suppressing properties are favored by some. When androgen is suppressed, the chances are decreased for the body to produce too much testosterone and dihydortestosterone (DHT). This means the quantity of androgen receptors to which DHT can bind is lessened and hair loss is avoided.

Buserelin/HOE 766 Side Effects

The most common side effects associated with Buserelin include a reduction of progesterone in women and testosterone in men. Some Buserelin users may also experience a decreased libido, hot flashes and impotence. These symptoms aren't chronic, though, as they may disappear within a few days. Rare but serious side effects requiring medical attention may include trouble urinating, bone pain, weakness in legs and tingling or numbness in hands or feet

Does Buserelin/HOE 766 Really Work?

Buserelin may not be one of the most practical choices for alternative medical hair loss treatment. Some consumers may see a few results with Buserelin as it tends to cause hair growth in even the most undesirable places. However, the overall degree of success achieved by Buserelin as a hair loss treatment is too slim for it to be considered an effective means of hair growth. Presently, a growing number of consumers are switching to more useful hair loss treatments which make use of nanotechnology for quicker, safer and more efficient delivery of active ingredients. Hair loss products with nanosomes – particles about 200 times smaller than cells – are overshadowing Buserelin and other hair loss treatments that produce minimal results.


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