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editor's choice best hair loss treatment Derived from Flutamide, Casodex (also known as Bicalutamide) is considered to be one of the most potent anti-androgens around. It works by blocking androgen receptors so as to diminish and even eliminate the effect of androgens on the body. Originally developed as a medical treatment for prostate cancer, Casodex has come to be classified with some of today's most widely used alternative medical hair loss treatments.

Casodex Benefits

According to its proponents, the effectiveness of Casodex lies in its ability to block the androgen receptors. Specifically, Casodex is believed to decrease the number of androgen receptors that Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can attach to. In most cases, this is purely hereditary and unrelated to any particular sickness, disease or lifestyle. The more follicles that have DHT attached to them, the greater the occurrence of hair loss. Because Casodex is so potent, it is only available by prescription.

Casodex Side Effects

While some believe that Casodex has no side effects as an alternative medical hair loss treatment, actual patient experience appears to be to the contrary. Common Casodex side effects include dizziness, lightheadedness, depression, weight gain, impotence, dry skin and decreased libido among others. Some Casodex users even report experiencing other side effects such as breast tenderness, penis shrinkage, hot flashes and breast enlargement.

Does Casodex Really Work?

The efficacy of Casodex as an alternative medical hair loss treatment is questionable since no known studies exist documenting its effectiveness against androgenetic alopecia. Plus, these days, more advanced treatments which incorporate nanotechnology for increased delivery of active ingredients are taking the place of less effective and more risky treatments such as Casodex. As a result, consumers looking for safer and more affordable hair loss treatments are moving toward formulations which incorporate the use of nanosomes (particles about 200 times smaller than cells which ensure that vital ingredients reach the deepest layers of the scalp).


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