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editor's choice best hair loss treatmentCyclosporin was originally developed to be an immune system suppressant that helps prevent the body from rejecting new organs after a transplant. This prescription medication was later found to have some utility as a topical treatment for some severe skin conditions. Cyclosporin's usefulness as a hair loss product is considered by some to be accidentally discovered as hair growth is generally regarded as a side effect of this drug. Among today's leading alternative medical hair loss treatments, Cyclosporin is often considered because of its ability to help increase hair growth when taken orally.  

Cyclosporin Benefits

As an alternative medical hair loss treatment, Cyclosporin is minimally effective at best when taken orally. However, a small number of consumers swear by its effectiveness as an oral treatment for hair growth. This is likely because some studies have shown Cyclosporin to be highly effective for hair growth. As a result, several dermatologists began to recommend the oral use of Cyclosporin to treat male pattern alopecia and alopecia areata.

Cyclosporin Side Effects

In spite of the effectiveness of Cyclosporin as an orally ingested hair loss treatment, the side effects of this prescription medication range from bothersome to near fatal. The most common side effects associated with Cyclosporin include shaking and trembling of the hands as well as increased blood pressure, liver problems and changes in blood chemistry. In more severe cases, kidney toxicity has been reported. 

Does Cyclosporin Really Work?

Because of its various harmful side effects including renal toxicity and liver problems, the effectiveness of Cyclosporin as an alternative medical hair loss treatment is a bit questionable. While this prescription medication is not harmful when used topically, it's not effective either. This leaves patents considering Cyclosporin in a bit of a quandary. These days, more innovative hair loss products which utilize nanosomes (particles 200 times smaller than cells) for more effective delivery of active ingredients are overshadowing less effective treatments like Cyclosporin.


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