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editor's choice best hair loss treatmentDeveloped primarily to function as a prescription medication for the lowering of blood pressure, Diazoxide has also been shown to have a positive affect on hair loss. As a result, Diazoxide is often used as an alternative medical hair loss treatment in both men and women. The topical form of Diazoxide is quite difficult to find and is also a bit costly, but it is available by prescription only, nonetheless.

Diazoxide Benefits

According to its advocates, the effectiveness of Diazoxide lies within its ability to open Potassium channels. One study conducted over 16 month shows that the topical application of Diazoxide once a day for five days a week contributed to the maintenance and thickening of frontal hair in the animals tested. More specifically, hair follicles were enlarged and the cycle of growth from the telogen to the anogen phase was accelerated. The anagen phase (where most growth occurs) was also prolonged among the animals treated with Diazoxide.

Diazoxide Side Effects

The most common side effect associated with the use of Diazoxide is the decrease in blood pressure. Of course, this wouldn't be considered to be an adverse side effect if you have high blood pressure. However, if hypertension does not ail you and you either have low blood pressure or normal blood pressure, then this side effect can be counterproductive. Other side effects associated with the oral use of Diazoxide include anxiety, headache, nausea or dizziness.

Does Diazoxide Really Work?

As a prescription medication for lowering blood pressure, the effectiveness of Diazoxide is unquestionable. However, as an alternative medical hair loss treatment, Diazoxide may not be as useful as it seems, especially if hair growth is your goal but you don't want to negatively affect your blood normal or low blood pressure levels. These days, you'll find more useful hair loss products which produce little to no adverse side effects. Today's safest and most effective hair loss solutions make use of nanosomes – an innovation in which particles about 200 times smaller than cells are used to ensure the best possible delivery of active ingredients.


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