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editor's choice best hair loss treatment Phenytoin sodium is prescription medication that functions primarily as an anti-epileptic used to control and prevent seizures. Phenytoin's main purpose lies in its ability to diminish the dissemination of seizure activity in the brain. Marketed chiefly under the brand name, Dilantin, Phenytoin is also thought to be a viable alternative medical hair loss treatment because hair growth is one of this drug's known side effects.

Dilantin/Phenytoin Benefits

The major benefits of Phenytoin lie in its ability to influence the brain's motor cortex in such a manner that it restrains seizure activity. Phenytoin also helps to stabilize the excess nervous activity brought on by the seizure trigger. When it comes to hair growth, Phenytoin is generally not favored as a hair loss treatment because this side effect is usually unwanted.

Dilantin/Phenytoin Side Effects

Other than hair growth, the most common side effects associated with Phenytoin include nausea, constipation, vomiting, slurred speech, gastric irritation, decreased coordination, fever, visual disturbance, rash, gingivitis and changes in taste. Patients who take Phenytoin may also experience less common side effects such as liver damage, insomnia, headache, twitching, nervousness, tremors, bone pain and weakness, swelling of lips and gums, and enlargement of lymph nodes.

Does Dilantin/Phenytoin Really Work?

As a prescription medication for controlling and preventing seizures, the effectiveness of Phenytoin is unquestionable. However, as an alternative medical hair loss treatment, Phenytoin may not be completely useful, especially if you're trying to control or prevent seizures. At present, consumers can take advantage of more effective hair loss products which produce little to no adverse side effects. The safest and most useful hair loss treatments of our day skillfully make use of nanosomes – particles about 200 times smaller than cells that are used to ensure the best possible delivery of active ingredients. The end result is diminished hair loss and increased growth.


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