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editor's choice best hair loss treatmentEstradiol is the trade name given to a form of estrogen often prescribed to women who need this sex hormone to enhance any number of processes in the body. This range includes everything from hot flashes and vaginal irritation to vaginal burning and dryness. Estradiol injections may also be administered to men as means for treating the symptoms of prostate cancer. Because of estrogen's ability to affect the body in a manner similar to androgens, Estradiol is also regarded by some as an alternative medical hair loss treatment. However, this prescription drug is not very friendly to male users.

Estradiol/Estrogen Benefits

As an alternative medical hair loss treatment, topical estrogen is thought to be most effective in women because of its ability to put an end to hair loss while encouraging moderate hair growth. One study conducted with a group of females suffering from hair loss and androgenetic alopecia found that topical estrogen stopped hair loss in 89-percent of those treated but not hair regrowth occurred.

Estradiol/Estrogen Side Effects

Some of the most common side effects associated with Estradiol and estrogen use in women include weight gain, breast growth, loss of appetite, swelling of legs and ankles, bloating, vomiting, abdominal cramps and nausea. Less common side effects may include vaginal bleeding, enlargement of uterine fibroids, changes in menstrual flow, bleeding gums, mild diarrhea, rash and jaundice. Some cases of rare but severe side effects have been reported in which users experienced blood clotting, loss of coordination, stroke, chest pains, difficulty breathing, leg pains, vision changes and slurred speech.

Does Estradiol/Estrogen Really Work?

As a prescription medication for treating symptoms of menopause, Estradiol (estrogen) is most effective. However, this prescription drug's utility as an alternative medical hair loss treatment is a bit questionable. These days, hair loss sufferers can make use of more effective hair growth solutions which produce little to no adverse side effects. The safest and most useful hair loss treatments of the day skillfully utilizes nanosomes – particles about 200 times smaller than cells that are used to ensure the best possible delivery of active ingredients. The end result is decreased hair loss and significant growth.


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