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editor's choice best hair loss treatmentConsidered by some to be one of the most powerful antiandrogens available by prescription, Flutamide is believed to be useful for blocking androgen receptors so as to diminish or eliminate the effect androgens have on the body. Flutamide is prescribed primarily to women for the reduction of facial hair but some physicians recommend that men use it topically in conjunction with Minoxidil as an alternative medical hair loss treatment.

Flutamide Benefits

When it comes to hair loss Flutamide works by blocking the effects of androgenic hormones. Specifically, Flutamide prevents these hormones from reaching their destination by blocking the androgen receptors on sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Flutamide is also believed to be useful for reducing androgenic alopecia in women in addition to diminishing excessive facial hair growth.

Flutamide Side Effects

The most common side effects associated with Flutamide when it's prescribed to women include liver problems, diarrhea and high blood pressure. Other side effects include decreased libido, breast tenderness, tiredness, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting. A small minority of doctors prescribe Flutamide to men as a hair loss treatment. However, most physicians won't because of the adverse effects this medication has on men. The side effects commonly experienced by men who take Flutamide include hot flushes, impotence and decreased sex drive in addition to some of the same side effects women experience.

Does Flutamide Really Work?

As an alternative medical hair loss treatment, Flutamide may not be one of the best options for the average person. Some women have experienced some success with Flutamide for diminishing the growth of facial hair while causing a small degree of hair regrowth on the scalp. However, the margin of success as a hair loss treatment is too thin for Flutamide to be regarded as an effective medication for hair loss. These days, more useful hair loss products which utilize nanotechnology have eclipsed Flutamide and other minimally effective products in both safety and utility.


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