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editor's choice best hair loss treatment Inocoterone is a steroid-free anti-androgen that has been prescribed for years for both men and women who are dealing with inflamed acne. It's a little known fact, but acne depends heavily on androgen to thrive. As a result, Inocoterone is a useful anti-androgen therapy that has a significant effect one the improvement of this condition. Also, because of its anti-androgen properties, Inocoterone is regarded by some as an effective alternative medical hair loss treatment.

Inocoterone Benefits

The primary benefits of Inocoterone as an alternative medical hair loss treatment lie in its abilities to function as an anti-androgen. Inocoterone fights hair loss by attaching itself to androgen receptors and preventing 5-alpha reductase along with other hormones from binding and causing hair follicles to diminish. When it comes to the actual effects of Inocoterone on hair growth or regrowth, one study has shown the results of this prescription drug to be modest at best.

Inocoterone Side Effects

There are no known side effects associated with Inocoterone. However, this does not mean this prescription medication is void of side effects all together. As with any prescription drug, you should consult your physician before using Inocoterone.

Does Inocoterone Really Work?

As an alternative medical hair loss treatment, Inocoterone may not be one of the best options for the average person to implement. Some patients have experienced a small degree of success with Inocoterone as it has reduced the growth of facial hair while causing a small amount of hair regrowth on the scalp. However, Inocoterone's margin of success as a hair loss treatment is too thin for it to be regarded as an effective medication for hair loss. These days, more useful hair loss treatments which make use of nanotechnology have eclipsed Inocoterone and other minimally effective products in both safety and usefulness.


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