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editor's choice best hair loss treatment As a c-21 steroid hormone, Progesterone is one of the most vital hormones produced by the female body. This hormone primarily functions to help regulate a woman's menstrual cycle.  Progesterone also serves as a precursor for producing other significant hormones such as cortisone and estrogen. When it comes to hair loss, topical Progesterone is used by some as an alternative medical treatment. A number of hair loss products on the market today include Progesterone in their formulas.

Progesterone Benefits

The proponents of topical Progesterone as an alternative medical hair loss treatment primarily use this hormone because of its ability to inhibit an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. Specifically, Progesterone is believed to prevent the body from transforming testosterone into di-hydrotestosterone (DHT) which is thought to be the main culprit behind male and female pattern hair loss. When Progesterone binds to 5-alpha reductase, the formation of DHT is inhibited and the potential damage to hair follicles that could arise is averted.

Progesterone Side Effects

The most common side effects associated with Progesterone use have to do with a disruption in the balance of hormones. While lower doses help decrease the risk of this side effect, it can still occur with Progesterone use even when using less-potent formulas. The primary place this hormonal balance takes place is in the adrenal hormones such as testosterone, cortisol and DHEA. Since Progesterone is extremely fat-soluble, it stores itself in the fat tissues once applied. As the cream accumulates over time so does its contribution to hormonal disruption.

Does Progesterone Really Work?

s an alternative medical hair loss treatment, Progesterone is not recommended by most credible physicians as a viable option. The side effects associated with topical Progesterone seem to outweigh the advantages, especially when safer and more effective hair loss treatments are available. These days, more effective and less harmful hair loss products which incorporate the use of nanotechnology are overshadowing Progesterone and other less alternative medical hair loss treatments.


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