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editor's choice best hair loss treatmentPrimarily used to prevent the rejection of organs after a surgical transplant procedure, Tacrolimus is an immunosuppressant that has been found to also have utility as an alternative medical hair loss treatment. Although Tacrolimus is similar to Cyclosporin in its abilities to promote hair growth; unlike Cyclosporin, this prescription medication is believed to be most effective when applied topically rather than taken orally.

Tacrolimus Benefits

Some clinical studies have shown that Tacrolimus works for hair growth, but this is actually a byproduct of its primary role in helping one's body to adjust to a new organ after a transplant. However, as an alternative medical hair loss treatment, Tacrolimus is believed to derive its effectiveness form its ability to suppress the T cell mediated immune response.

Tacrolimus Side Effects

Common side effects associated with Tacrolimus include nausea, runny or stuffy nose, flu-like symptoms, back or muscle pain, headache and infected or swollen follicles. Consumers who use topical Tacrolimus may also experience itching, acne, tingling skin, and increased sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures as well as skin burning, redness, soreness or stinging. More serous side effects include rash, swollen glands, cold sores, blisters, chicken pox, and skin infections as well as swelling of the feet, ankles, lower legs, hands or arms. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should call your physician immediately.

Does Tacrolimus Really work?

As an alternative medical hair loss treatment, Tacrolimus is not recommended by most credible physicians primarily because its side effects are similar to those of Cyclosporin. It seems the side effects associated with topical Tacrolimus far outweigh its advantages. These days, safer and more effective hair loss treatments are available. The most effective of this lot utilize nanosomes – particles about 200 times smaller than cells that ensure more efficient delivery of active ingredients.


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