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Nizoral with Ketoconazole

editor's choice best hair loss treatmentNizoral is best known for being a shampoo that combats dandruff and other scalp maladies. It is not proven, even with all the ballyhoo that surrounds it, to stop hair loss or to grow back hair. Studies have been done, mostly preliminary, that show that the active ingredient (ketoconazole) in Nizoral may have a positive effect on your hair loss.

With that said there really is no proof that Nizoral shampoo will help your battle against hair loss. There has been some talk that using Nizoral along with Rogaine will enhance the effects of Rogaine because Nizoral cleanses the scalp and is an anti fungal shampoo but there still is no solid evidence. 


Ketoconazole, the main ingredient in Nizoral, acts as a mild anti-androgen. Androgen, a hormone that clings to receptors in the hair follicles may harm the growth of these follicles, thus causing hair loss. With that said, there is still no proof that you should use Nizoral as a hair growth remedy.

Nizoral Ingredients

Active ingredient: ketoconazole (2 %)

Additional ingredients: sodium lauryl ether sulphate, disodium mono lauryl ether sulphosuccinate, coconut fatty acid diethanolamide, laurdimonium hydrotysed animal collagen, macrogel 120-methyl glucose dioleate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, imidurea, hydrochloric acid, erythrosine and purified water.

Nizoral: Final Word

Nizoral with Ketoconazole is simply a very good dandruff shampoo that may aid with your hair loss. It is recommended that you use Nizoral two to three times per week; with a price tag of roughly $10 for a four ounce bottle you would be spending an awful lot of money for a product that is simply not proven to stop hair loss or grow back hair.

So unless you have dandruff you should stick to researching other products that are more proven or at the very least are geared toward hair restoration and the prevention of hair loss such as Provillus, which uses the FDA-approved Minoxidil in its highly potent formula.  Read our Provillus review.

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