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Rogaine (Minoxidil)

editor's choice best hair loss treatmentRogaine is an over-the-counter topical hair regrowth product that comes in a foam form and a solution. Rogaine's active ingredient is Minoxidil; it is FDA approved and this ingredient is said to grow hair. Rogaine's hair growth formula is only intended to grow hair on the back of your scalp (the vertex).

Men who have a receding hairline or thinning hair in the front of their scalp are out of luck because Rogaine cannot or is not intended to grow hair in the front part of the scalp.

How to use Rogaine

rogaineThe producers of Rogaine recommend that you use the product twice a day – that is for the foam and the solution. You simply take the required amount of the product and massage it onto your scalp. There are a few things to keep in mind – you must have dry hands while using the product and be certain to wash your hands after applying it.

It can take anywhere from two to four months before you begin to see your hair grow back but there is no guarantee that it will grow back. Of course the amount of hair that could grow back is different for each person and once you stop using it, you may suffer hair loss again.

Rogaine Side Effects

There is also a chance of some nasty side effects including chest pain, rapid heartbeat, sudden weight gain and swelling of your hands and feet. You may want to talk with a friend or someone else who has used the product before spending your hard earned money. You can also consult with your doctor.

Should you Buy Rogaine?

Rogaine is not cheap. You will spend anywhere from $30 to $60 or more depending on the amount you want to purchase. Since the producers of Rogaine say that it can take up to four months to grow your hair back you will probably be forced into buying at least that much of the product. Rogaine also lacks extra herbal nutrients that aid in hair loss treatment, unlike our recommended product.

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