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Male Hair Loss

The most common type of male hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia. It is the typical male pattern baldness that affects millions of men and sometimes women. Male hair loss is common; in fact, more than fifty percent of men and women suffer from some type of hair loss, with male hair loss leading the way.

Causes of Male Hair Loss

Many guys have sections on their scalp that are vulnerable to the male sex hormones that circulate in their blood stream. These hormones that men rely upon for many things actually make their hair follicles shrink. Hair grows out of these hair follicles and when they shrink it actually prevents them from doing their job – which is to grow more hair and replace lost hair.

Men in their twenties and thirties, and sometimes younger, first notice their hair receding on their forehead – and this is just the beginning. Their hair can also begin to thin at the top of their head, forming the infamous bald spot. This loss of hair spreads until the only hair left is usually above the ears and around the back of the head. Since the hair follicles cannot produce hair, this hair does not grow back and the men are left with the ubiquitous U-shape bald spot at the top of their head.

Treating Male Hair Loss

Several options are available for treating male hair loss, including:

  • Some men chose the painful and costly option of surgery; the most common is transplant surgery. The doctor moves hair growing on the back of the scalp to the receding areas on the front of the scalp. While surgery may be the most reliable way to get your hair back, it is also costly and painful.  
  • Prescription tablets available such as Propecia. Sexual side effects such as impotence have been noted by users of Propecia.
  • Over the counter lotions such as Provillus, which has contains prescription-strength Minoxidil. This lotion or foam is usually massaged into the scalp area twice a day. Provillus also comes with herbal supplements to nourish the scalp and hair follicles. Read our Provillus review.
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