Female Hair Loss

Thinning hair in women

provillus for womenAlthough we commonly see little old ladies with thinning hair, we typically don't imagine young ladies with the problem, however, even thirty or forty something's can experience severe hair loss.  In fact, roughly two-thirds of all women will experience some form of hair loss.

While older women experience hormonal hair loss due to menopause and a rise in testosterone, thinning hair in women who are premenopausal can occur for a number of reasons.

The causes of thinning hair in women

Although thinning hair in women does not result in complete baldness, it can cause significantly noticeable shedding.  One form of feminine hair loss called Alopecia Areata, creates patches baldness and only affects two percent of the female population. It often occurs due to auto immune disorders like hypothyroidism or lupus.  In some cases, women experience alopecia areata due to overuse of perms, straightens and harmful styling products.

Women with immunodeficiency disorders or during pregnancy can also experience hair thinning, but the conditions tend to clear up post pregnancy, or as in the case of autoimmune disorders, with appropriate medical therapies.

Treating thinning hair in Women

There are a variety of options available for the treatment of thinning hair in women. Minoxidil appears to be the most effective.  This ingredient, found in such topical products as Provillus for women , is an OTC topical medicine that has been show to be effective for treating thinning hair in women.

Education and Awareness

Women make up forty percent of the population that is affected by significant hair loss.  More education in regards to thinning hair in women needs to occur so that women know that they are not alone.

If you find that you are suffering from thinning hair, see your doctor or dermatologist to find out the cause.  This attitude alongside growing knowledge will go a along way towards treating and possibly eliminating thinning hair in women.

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