Causes of Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem suffered by millions of men and women around the world. No one enjoys losing their hair. It's both physically and emotionally challenging.

To understand how to best combat hair loss, it's necessary to identify the causes of hair loss. Thinning hair can occur for many reasons, but here is a list of the three most common causes.

Medical Hair Loss

Some individuals experience hair loss when they take certain medications. Blood thinners, chemotherapy, antidepressants, and birth control are just a few of the causes of medical hair loss.

All of these medications can cause hair to start falling out. Most of the time, the individual's hair will grow back after ceasing use of the product. However, sometimes they have to continue taking the medication for long term purposes. In these situations, hair loss can become a permanent condition.

Genetic Hair Loss

Other people suffer from genetic hair loss. This means they are genetically predisposed to losing their hair. Typically, hair loss is passed down to men from their mother's side. Women get their hair loss from their father's genealogy.

Genetic hair loss is the most disheartening to those suffering from it. It feels like there is nothing they can do to stop the process. However, there are solutions for those who naturally experience hair loss. New topical hair loss products using nanotechnology can revitalize bald areas.

Improper Hair Care

In the pursuit of beauty, we often do great damage to our hair. Improper hair care can cause your hair to prematurely fall out. Thankfully, there are things you can do to prevent this.

First, reduce your use of the blow dryer. Blow dryers dry your hair out. This weakens the follicles, and makes it easier for them to fall out.
Coloring your hair can also cause hair loss. Hair dye is very harsh on your hair and scalp. Excessive dyeing fries the hair follicles and it damages them at the root.

The best thing you can do to avoid hair loss is to study a product before you put it in your hair. Your hair is precious, and it can be damaged easily. Treat it with care, and you'll have healthier, stronger, hair.

Hair Loss Treatment

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