Causes of Hair Loss

The Link between Stress and Hair Loss

It's no secret that being stressed out can take a heavy toll both physically and emotionally. But with today's fast paced lifestyle, it's almost impossible not to experience stress at one time or another. The environment we live in is the perfect breeding ground for stress.

However, we have to do our part to reduce stress in our lives. Clinical studies show that stress and hair loss are inextricably linked to one another. So, not only does stress affect your emotions, sleep, and diet, but it also causes you to lose your hair.

This begs the question “What can be done about hair loss from stress?” Here are a few solutions.

Exercise to Eliminate Hair Loss from Stress

Remaining physically active has an array of benefits. One of these is that it can reduce stress in your body. Additionally, it also improves blood circulation. Both of these things are crucial to maintaining the health of your hair. If you can lower your stress and improve you blood circulation, your hair will be stronger and less likely to fall out.

Unfortunately, most Americans have a sedentary lifestyle. It's necessary to push away from the desk and to work out for about an hour. If you can do this several times a week, you'll begin to see you're healthier from head to toe.

Vitamin B6 Slows Sudden Hair Loss

If you're stressed, you may experience sudden hair loss. Vitamins are essential to living a healthy lifestyle. Certain vitamins and herbal remedies specifically help maintain the health of your hair.

Vitamin B6 helps with stress and promotes healthy hair growth. Take B6 regularly to strengthen and re-grow your hair. Because Vitamin B6 is proven to work to stop hair loss, it is found in top hair loss treatments such as Provillus.

Hair Loss Treatment

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