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As the market becomes more crowded with hair loss treatments, it's getting more difficult for those with thinning hair to choose the product that's right for them. Every product claims to be the best. Every treatment says they use a revolutionary formula that can be found nowhere else.

So, who should we believe? This review of hair loss treatments will help you make a more informed decision when you choose your product.

Topical Hair Loss Treatments

Topical hair loss treatments might be the most popular remedies. Shampoos, creams, and sprays clutter this category of products. Typically, a topical product must be used at least once daily to generate results.

Unfortunately, most hair care products are ineffective. Why? Because they fail to use proven ingredients in their formula. Some of them might have one or two ingredients that are known to stop hair loss, but they don't have enough to work effectively for a large audience.

The best topical treatments are those that use multiple hair restoration ingredients, such as the FDA-approved for hair regrowth ingredient Minoxidil as well as herbs to nourish the scalp. One such product is Provillus.

Prescription Hair Products

Rogaine and Propecia are the two most popular prescription hair care treatments. We've all seen commercials for these products claiming to re-grow hair up to 90% of the time. However, these claims simply aren't true.

Rogaine can be highly effective in some individuals. Note the word “some.” Since Rogaine's active ingredient is Minoxidil, the product restores hair in those who react to that substance. However, not everyone responds to Minoxidil. This leaves a substantial portion of hair loss sufferers out in the cold.

Propecia suffers from the exact same problem, but with a different ingredient. We believe that each prescription hair loss product would benefit from adding more hair restoration ingredients to their formula. This would help a broader range of people receive the hair care they need.

Herbal Pills

Herbal hair loss treatments are becoming increasingly popular. People are constantly looking for all-natural products that promote overall health.

Many herbs have been proven to help in the battle against hair loss. A few of the most effective ingredients are arginine, vitamin B-6, zinc, green tea, and fatty acids. The key is to find a product that uses several of these supplements. Each of these ingredients can strengthen and beautify your hair.

Other Hair Loss Treatments

Whatever your ailment is, there are always strange, unconventional products that claim to fix it. Hair loss sufferers have undoubtedly seen some of these irregular hair loss treatments. Everything from laser combs to organic fibers is available to reverse your hair loss.

However, most of these products are nothing more than flashy gadgets that don't work. These are the type of products you see on late night infomercials. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Consider a product with FDA approved ingredients, such as our Editor's Choice for Hair Loss Treatment.

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