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Women and Hair Loss

Organin Hair Loss Treatment

provillus for womenOrganin hair loss treatment for women is touted as an instant hair thickening system.  The long and the short of it is that Organin is spray on hair in a can.  This product, while giving the illusion of hair, does not actually promote hair growth.

While spray on hair texture products may work okay for men covering bald spots, women tend to have longer hair so it may not be feasible for them to use.

Makers of Organin claim that the spray in “fiber” looks natural and can thicken the look of thinning hair.  Other benefits is that it stays on till washed off, is easy to use and is cost effective. All wonderful claims, but is the Organin hair loss treatment suitable for women?

Organin for female hair loss

As stated previously, women tend to grow their hair long, so unless a lady has chosen to either keep her hair short or cut it short due to loss, Organin probably won't do very much for her. Besides, which, men may opt for spray-on follicles or toupees, whereas women can opt for wigs or hair weaves.

I doubt seriously that Organin for female hair loss will be an effective hair loss treatment.

Rogain vs. Organin

Women's Rogain is specially formulated to cater to the needs of feminine hair loss.  Effective as a treatment, it doesn't merely mask balding or thinning, it actually helps replace hair that has fallen out.  Women's Rogain contains  Minoxidil, the only ingredient that is FDA approved and proven to regrow hair in women.

Organin is a fiber that doesn't regrow hair and only masks the problem.

Toppik vs. Organin

Toppik, called a “Hair Fattener” by its manufacturer claims that its product opens the hair shaft and allows an infusion of body-building Keratin protein. After the protein-charged formula is absorbed, the shaft is then "closed down" to seal in the thickening proteins.

After continued use, hair is significantly thickened, so, in theory, it can minimize signs of balding.  Again the Organin hair loss treatment does nothing to the actually help hair follicles—it merely covers up balding areas.  If Toppik really works, then it also trumps Organin hair loss treatment.

Organin vs. Provillus

Many people complain that Organin sheds or clumps up and looks worse than the balding areas itself.  If you are looking for the best hair loss treatment around, Provillus for women with Minoxidil is hands down one of the best treatments out there.   Clinically proven to promote hair growth, it would be far better to deal with as a product that stimulates hair growth as opposed to Organin, which only covers up the issue.

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