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Female Hair Loss

provillus for womenMost people know about male pattern baldness but very few realize that women can be very susceptible to losing hair themselves.  The reasons can be very different than those for male pattern loss, but whatever the reason, female hair loss can be a source of grief and embarrassment for a lady.

The sad fact is that female hair loss affects some 30 million women in the United States annually.  More alarming is that this hair loss is being produced in girls as young as 14 years of age and this statistic is increasing in number.  The puzzling things is, while there is some speculation as to why, specialists don't know how to explain this recent surge.

There are however, a few well known causes of female hair loss which can be combated by using the appropriate hair loss treatment.

Before treatment can begin however, one has to establish the origins of the loss.

Cause of female hair loss

While female hair loss was once attributed to  an over production of the male hormone testosterone, doctors now know that female pattern hair loss  is a bit more complex and can have a large number of catalysts.  For instance, women who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (POD) can experience shedding that occurs in patches.  Genetic predisposition to hair loss, stress, emotional trauma, anorexia or bulimia, crash dieting, or even surgery can also create female hair loss.

Female hair loss and hormones

Thyroid disorders, autoimmune deficiencies, anemia, medicines, and certain chronic illnesses can wreak havoc with feminine hormone balances culminating in hair loss.  Depending on the source of the hormonal disruption, hair loss can be sudden, slow, in one area, or fall out in patches around the head.  Pregnancy can trigger a change in the natural hair growth system before and after childbirth.

Sudden female hair loss

Sudden female hair loss can be frightening to many women, especially since it can herald the onset of serious illnesses.  If you have experienced sudden hair loss, make an appointment to see your medical practitioner for diagnostic testing.

Female hair loss treatment

Here is a summary of treatments for hair loss in women:

  • Topical treatments such as Provillus for women, which contains prescription-strength Minoxidil - the only ingredient approved by the FDA to help with hair re-growth in women.
  • Natural treatment with herbs and other natural substances may help with female hair loss
  • Hair restoration surgery

Female hair loss: final word

Before buying any hair loss treatment you need to establish the cause of hair loss.  Finding the reason for the medical issue will not only make finding the appropriate medicine easier, it can put you on the road to better overall health. Provillus uses the FDA-approved minoxidil in its highly potent formula and has been clinically proven to reverse hair loss in both men and women.  Read our Provillus review.


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