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No one enjoys suffering from hair loss. Most people will do anything to overcome this condition. That's why the hair loss treatment market is so profitable. Store shelves are brimming with products designed to cure thinning hair.

One interesting class of treatments is hair loss spray. These sprays are designed to put an end to baldness. To us, hair grow spray seems like an extreme idea that's best reserved for late night infomercials.

Let's take a more detailed look into the world of hair grow spray.

Hair Grow Spray

Most hair grow sprays are marketed as cosmetic fixes to thinning hair. In other words, they are cover-up products. They don't stop hair loss.

The hair loss sprays come in an array of colors to match any hair. Unfortunately, most of these products make the subject look, well, ridiculous.

Spraying your head with a cover-up hair loss treatment is not the way to combat balding. If you're interested in just covering up your bald spots, you might as well wear a hair piece.

Hair Loss Care

Now, it's worth noting that not ever hair loss spray is a cosmetic cover-up. There are some topical applications designed to block DHT. DHT is the leading cause of baldness. By stopping DHT, you can essentially put an end to hair loss.

However, many of the hair loss sprays that we examined simply didn't use the proper ingredients to stop hair loss. Our hair requires certain vitamins and minerals in order to grow properly. Some examples of these supplements are Vitamin B6, essential fatty acids, and zinc. Without these supplements, a hair loss spray is useless.

Hair Loss Spray: Final Word

The bottom line is we don't believe there are effective hair loss spray treatments available on the market. You need more than a spray to combat hair loss. You need a product that penetrates deep into the tissue to correct the problem of hair loss. Sprays only stay on the surface of the scalp.

The best hair loss treatment we found uses the FDA approved ingredient Minoxidil in their unique formula. Learn more about the Top Rated Hair Loss Treatment.

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