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Women and Hair Loss

Treatment for Hair Loss in Women

provillus for womenFor women suffering from hair loss, the options may appear to be very small.

Although choices like wigs and hair extensions do exist, there are downsides to these alternatives.  Hair extensions can be very expensive and certain procedures that use glue or wax can cause even more damage to the scalp.  On the other hand, wigs can be hard to care for and may not allow the scalp to breath so that the hair can become strong and healthy once again.

Hair loss treatments for women

That said, there a few ways to look at treatment for hair loss in women. Below are some of the top options explored by women who are losing their hair.

  • Provillus for Women – applied twice a day, Provillus for women works a lot like Rogaine for men, in that it activates hair growth via follicle stimulation.  This revitalization causes shrunken hair follicles to increase, which eventually culminates in healthier hair.
  • Hair restoration/implants -- some hair clubs offer what is known as Microscopic Hair Transplantation.  A surgical procedure, it can be very effective and very, very expensive.  Many people who desire to have permanent hair will look into hiring a quality hair restoration surgeon to be assured of the best results as using an inexperienced or uncertified surgeon can result in an unnatural look or serious infection. 
  • Hair extensions, weaves and wigs. As stated above, these tend to be expensive and can further damage your hair. 

Natural hair loss treatment for women

The wonderful thing about alternative medicine is that it can often give individuals choices outside of the mainstream.  This holistic approach can help eradicate some of the side effects that occur with regular pharmaceuticals.  Some of the more popular supplements in natural hair loss treatment for women are vegetarian in their base and can include saw palmetto or damiana, black cohosh, and sage.  These botanicals are said to restore hormonal balance, but the claims haven't been substantiated by the CDC.

Treatment for hair loss in women: final word

There are numerous hair loss treatments available for women who suffer from hair loss.  When searching for what is right for you, make sure that you speak with your dermatologist about the many reasons why this could be occurring.  Once you realize the source of your hair loss, look into the options you feel most comfortable with in regards to your own hair loss treatment. Consider Provillus for women, which contains the only ingredient approved by the FDA to help with hair re-growth in women.

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