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Millions of men throughout the country suffer from severe hair loss. This condition has a drastic effect on their confidence and emotional well-being. Not surprisingly, companies have sprung up in droves to provide solutions for this serious problem. Unfortunately, not all these companies are providing credible products. Lately, new hair loss treatment solutions are being packaged as proven methods of hair restoration, but they have certainly yet to be proven.

Top New Hair Loss Treatments

Laser Comb

Everyone is aware of how popular laser treatment has become. It seems lasers are the elixir for any problem from poor eyesight to unsightly veins. Now, some companies are trying to bring the power of the laser right to your doorstep. Laser combs are being touted as the newest way to restore your natural hair. The basic idea is patients can use these hand held devices to stimulate their scalp, and eventually, hair growth will resume. What next, at home laser eye correction kits? Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Hair Cloning

Hair cloning is the most recent new hair loss treatment. The simplest explanation of this process is the practitioner takes a healthy hair follicle and clones the cell. Scientifically, this is a sound procedure. However, the application of this method has yet to pan out. Problems that have arisen are patchy hair growth, strange angles of hair growth, and differing quantities of hair restoration. In short, this procedure still has a long way to go before it's a reliable option for hair restoration.

Laser Surgery

Unlike the laser comb, laser surgery is performed by an expert with a highly powerful laser. This new hair loss treatment is the most successful of these 3. Many patients experience significant hair restoration. However, laser hair loss treatment comes at a high price. The thousands of dollars necessary for satisfactory results falls far out of the budget of most Americans.

New Hair Loss Treatment: Final Word

Many of these new hair loss treatment programs will fall by the wayside. The fly by night companies sponsoring them will move on to their next money making scheme. For affordable and reliable hair loss treatment, you should consider using tried and true products, such as herbal supplements and topical solutions. Check out our Editor's Choice for Hair Loss Treatment.

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