DHT is actually created in the body by the conversion of testosterone by the enzyme 5 alpha reductase or 5-AR. Both DHT and testosterone are known as androgens and DHT is the stronger of the two androgens.

DHT's binding force is three to five times stronger than testosterone and when DHT binds to androgen receptors good things happen to the body and sometimes not so pleasant things happen to the scalp. In the brain, skin, genitals and almost everything else except muscle mass the active androgen is DHT.

So DHT has an incredible impact on the body but one of the negative impacts it has is hair loss in men. This does not mean that it should be a priority to negate DHT in the body but rather to control the levels if possible.

Controlling DHT in the body

Men who suffer from hair loss usually purchase products that are prescribed by a doctor, are over the counter or are alternative medications. Most of these products use some type of system, whether it is an herbal remedy or a drug to control the production of DHT. When DHT is formed it interrupts the hair cycle growth by binding to the receptors in the hair follicles, thus preventing hair from growing.

Controlling the levels of DHT in the body may be able to prevent hair loss and promote the growth of new hair. At first this seems simple enough but scientists, doctors and researchers are learning that this is a very complicated matter that includes genetics (more than one gene is involved) and probably environmental matters.

If you are interested in DHT and how it is impacting your body you should speak with your doctor or do more internet research. Don't believe everything you hear; educate yourself on the matter and become informed before you purchase any products that promise to limit DHT in your body. Read our reviews of top hair loss treatments.

DHT Blocker

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