Female Hair Loss

Female pattern baldness

provillus for womenOver the years we have heard a lot about male pattern baldness yet very little about female pattern baldness.  Unfortunately, many women suffer in silence regarding this condition and medicine is just learning about the condition and its causes.

Researchers have now come to realize that women, to varying degrees, can be afflicted with pattern baldness as often as their male counterparts.  There are also marked similarities between both male and female pattern baldness that can shed light on the causality of the condition.

Male pattern baldness versus Female pattern baldness

Human hair sheds and replenishes itself on a constant basis.  We can lose about 100 strands of hair daily.  Men who suffer from male pattern baldness lose hair that doesn't get replenished.  This causes a shedding that eventually leads to balding.

Most men are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness. It is the effect of an imbalance of hormones caused when testosterone is changed to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. DHT, which has an adverse affect on the hair follicles, eventually causes permanent balding.

Female pattern baldness shares both the genetic and hormonal links, differing primarily in the way in which the hair falls out.  Men generally lose hair in the front, causing the traditional receding hairline.  They also lose hair at crown.  Women lose hair around the top   their head with the front in tact. There may be some hair loss at the crown but not a significant enough amount to cause true balding.

Some differences

Where male and female pattern baldness differs is in some of the underlying causes.  For instance, androgens like testosterone, not DHT, cause female hair follicle to thin and fall out.  Over processing by chemicals from perms and hair dyes can also cause the issue.  Pregnancy is another culprit, with severe hormonal fluctuations being at the base of the shedding.

Menopause is yet another cause of female pattern baldness, as well as certain medications and under active thyroid.

Treating female pattern baldness

To know what your options are, have a dermatologist examine you to determine the cause of the hair breakage.  After you figure out the reason behind your hair loss, do your homework to find a solution that will work best for you. 

  • Hair weaving, wigs and even hair transplants are considered options for victims of female pattern baldness. 
  • Treatments can include OTC products or items found online via health manufacturers. Female hair loss can be effectively treated with the use of items like Provillus for women. Containing prescription-strength Minoxidil, Provillus can grow hair for 20% to 25% of women. 
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