Preventing Hair Loss

Preventing Hair Loss

Outside of hereditary or hormonal factors, there are a number of ways to prevent hair loss.  Many of these things are simple to observe and can mean the difference between keeping your hair and losing it all irreparably.

Avoid certain medications.

An exhaustive list of medications has been linked to severe hair shedding and hair loss. Of course, if you are undergoing chemotherapy or taking Synthroid you will have hair loss of some sort.  In this instance, your overall health will trump this unfortunate side effect.  However, there are wigs available for people experiencing horrendous loss in this realm.

For others, you may be able to lower your dosage or switch to a different type of medication if hair loss occurs.  Be sure to consult with your doctor prior to making any changes in your prescription dosage or switching brands.

Reduce stress

Stress reduction is important for a variety of reasons and chief among them is to eradicate hair loss. Meditation, a calming vacation or stress management classes can help you lower stress levels. Also, try to remember that no matter what you have on your plate, the most important thing is maintaining a healthy balance in life, work and pleasure. This balance can help in reducing stress on a daily basis.

Get adequate protein and iron

Nutritional balance is essential in maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair.  The primary nutrients you need to concentrate on are iron and protein.  Protein strengthens hair, whereas iron keeps the blood healthy and circulating properly. Combining the two will go a long way towards helping you keep your hair in tip top condition.

Take care of your hair

Improper hair care leads to hair loss. Ponytails, braids, hair weaves, curling irons and hair products can all take their toll, damaging your hair.  If at all possible, try to keep hair braiding and ponytails to a minimum.  When utilize styling products, use items that promote health and use rollers to put curls in your hair as opposed to a curling iron.  Keeping an eye on what you do to your hair can protect you against unwarranted loss.

Heredity and genetics can't be beat

Unfortunately, the condition that creates androgenetic alopecia  in men and women can not be prevented. Luckily, there are a number of options for even these hair loss sufferers. A through investigation should conjure treatments and remedies that will work well for you! Read our reviews of top hair loss treatments.

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