Androgenic Alopecia

Unfortunately for millions of people, men and women, Androgenic Alopecia is a common form of hair loss – also known as male pattern baldness. For men the balding takes place gradually and usually starts around the temples and moves to the back of the head forming a pattern.

For female hair loss case the hair becomes thinner all over the scalp but complete balding rarely occurs. Androgenic Alopecia can start in the early teens and continue far into middle age. This condition is sometimes linked with coronary heart disease and prostrate cancer in men.

Causes of Androgenic Alopecia

The causes of Androgenic Alopecia vary but they are associated with an assortment of genetic and environmental issues. It is also related to the hormone androgen, which is converted into DHT and this triggers hair loss. The surge of DHT causes hair growth to become slower and the hair that is produced is thinner and shorter. This decrease in hair growth production prevents new hair from taking the place of hair that has fallen out so balding occurs. 

Treatment for Androgenic Alopecia

Treatment for Androgenic Alopecia varies, but many people have had success with Provillus, which has the FDA approved Minoxidil as its active ingredient.

Propecia, with the active ingredient finasteride, comes in a pill form and does have a few unpleasant side effects on men – namely, erectile dysfunction, decrease in the libido and the reduction of sperm production.

Many men choose to have hair transplant surgery but they must have some healthy hair growing in the back or sides of their head. The healthy hair is transplanted into the areas that are affected by the Androgenic Alopecia. Hair transplants are expensive and they are not guaranteed to work.

There are also a multitude of natural herbal remedies that treat Androgenic Alopecia. You should carefully research these supplements and speak with your doctor before purchasing them. Most of these remedies are expensive and simply don't work so you should educate yourself before spending the money. Visit our Editor's Choice for Hair Loss Treatment.

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