Lifestyle Causes of Hair Loss

While some hair loss can be genetic or hormonal in nature, other factors, like lifestyle and chronic bad habits, can create the condition.

Below are a few things that can contribute to hair loss, namely:


Certain medications, like Synthroid, can cause hair loss in men and women.  Females taking oral estrogen or even birth control pills may   develop severe hair loss in response to the hormones. The good news  is that hair loss caused by the use of supplements or medicine can be easily reversed.  In some cases, all it takes is a simple adjustment of the dosage!


Bad nutrition can do more than just run you down; it can damage your hair.  This is due to the fact that the body requires a healthy balance of nutrients to function well.  For example, people with low iron or protein in their diets tend to experience extreme hair loss more often that those with an adequate protein and iron intake.  Getting by with poor nourishment is never a good idea as it can not only can it affect you internally, it can destroy your hair as well.

Exercise and physical activity

Many experts believe there is a link between lack of exercise and hair loss. It turns out being physically active doesn't only keep your weight down; it can also keep your hair from falling out.

Exercising regularly creates a good blood flow in your body. Blood circulation can create healthy cells, which leads to healthy hair follicles. It also helps reduce stress- another leading cause of hair loss. In short, taking care of yourself physically will give you the best chance of preventing hair loss.


Stress is probably the all time worse lifestyle habit and the top reason for hair loss in individuals without a predisposition for baldness. When individuals are in a stressed state, their body is depleted of energy stores and begins to create toxins.  These toxins in turn create hair loss.

If this is the cause of hair shedding or balding, an individual should look into taking stress management classes to combat this issue. 

This list is hardly comprehensive, but are the primary factors considered when hair loss is diagnosed without a physical cause.  If you are at risk and have experienced hair loss, take heart.  Hair loss that is attributed to a person's lifestyle is very treatable.

Treating hair loss

If your hair loss is indeed caused by your daily habits, see a doctor to evaluate the condition and try to adopt patterns that will help stop your hair loss in its tracks. You can make lifestyle changes like eating better and exercising on you own. Also consider hair loss treatments like our top rated product.

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